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A legacy in activism and farming: Clara Coleman of Four Season Farm

Farmer and Activist of Four Season Farm and Real Farmer Care in Harborside, Maine

I’m excited to invite you to my conversation with Clara Coleman, the farmer and farm activist behind Real Farmer Care and Four Season Farm in Harborside, Maine. Clara is the next generation, carrying on the farming and farm activism legacy created by her parents.

Clara was a child of back-to-the-landers and was raised running wild on her parents homestead in rural Maine. Her father, Eliot Coleman, has dedicated his life to organic farm activism and experimentation. He has written numerous books on growing food year round.

This upbringing instilled a real appreciation and love of farming in young Clara but she yearned to see the world and left Maine to embark on her own adventure. She settled in Colorado, started a family and built her first farm business there. Farming in the West required her to adapt her growing skills to drier conditions, longer seasons and dramatic daily temperature shifts.

After nearly two decades away, Clara returned to the peninsula where she was raised, with her two sons, and took over running operations for her family’s Four Season Farm. In addition to running the farm, Clara is passionate about advocating and caring for farmers through her Real Farmer Care program. She wants to help inspire and support the next generation of farmers and help guide them towards creating sustainable and lasting farming legacies for future generations. I so appreciate Clara’s passion for farming and supporting farmers and farm workers. She is carrying on the farm activist legacy of her father in her own unique and important way.

I encourage to you make a donation to Real Farmer Care. 100% of the money collected goes directly to the farmer care recipients (link below).

I also encourage anyone interested in four-season farming to check out Clara's Winter Growers podcast series. There is a wealth of information from winter growers all over the United States (link below).

Thank you Clara for sharing your story with us!



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