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Twin sisters homestead in a city apartment during Covid & manifest their self-sufficiency dreams

Homesteaders, content creators and former early childhood educators
Portland, OR to suburbs of Spokane, WA

I’m excited to invite you to my conversation with Mary and Magdalene (M&M for short) - the identical twin sisters behind Busy Homebodies, an urban homesteading focused Instagram account. Here, the sisters share the ins and outs of their journey towards greater self-sufficiency. In only several years, these two ambitious siblings have learned how to can and cook food from whole ingredients, raise, breed and harvest quails and rabbits and a myriad of other homesteading skills.

Before homesteading and working in content creation, M&M worked for many years in childcare and teaching. When their work closed down in 2020, the sisters began to awaken to the reality that they were completely reliant on our fragile supply chains to feed and care for themselves. Although they were living in an apartment, that didn’t deter them from starting to acquire homesteading skills.

“We would watch a lot of YouTube and a lot of homesteaders, and we would be sad and jealous. We wanted this lifestyle so badly, but couldn’t achieve it, or thought we couldn’t achieve it. And we were so sick of wanting it so badly, so we thought why not just start even if it was in an apartment. Just start with what we had.”

Mary and Magdalene decided to bring others along on their journey by documenting their triumphs, failures and experiments. They bring a refreshing authenticity to the urban homesteading space - learning from books, Youtube and trial and error.

This is a story about sisterhood, surpassing expectations, and starting wherever you are and growing from there.



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