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Did you relocate to a small community in the last ten years?


Do you run a small business or farm in the rural reaches? 


Or, do you run a community garden or urban farmstead? 


We would love to hear your story!

Urban Exodus is a labor of love produced by photographer and multi-media artist Alissa Hessler. Since 2013, my husband and I have traveled all over the country photographing stories for Urban Exodus. We are based in Midcoast Maine we welcomed our daughter into the world in 2017. We do not travel for feature shoots anymore but we still run stories with feature supplied images.


If you would like to share your story on the site please send us an email. We will send along project questions and photography perimeters.


If you would like to partner with Urban Exodus to promote your business and/or to photograph your farm, business or family please reach out on our business websites (business and farm photography) and (family & portrait photography). 

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