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  UE Creator & Podcast Host  

I have lived and breathed this project for the last nine years. In 2012, I left the corporate world in Seattle and moved to rural Maine. I scoured the internet to find stories of others who left city life, but only found picture perfect magazine spreads that didn’t offer any insights on how to plan for and make a successful transition. I decided to build what I was searching for, a website where you could find a myriad of inspiring and informative stories of folks who followed their dreams to the country. 

The Urban Exodus website launched in 2015. It started as a photojournalist passion project  featuring people who moved from city life to country life. In the last six years it has evolved into a podcast and website overflowing with honest, inspiring and realistic stories of people who are reconnecting with the natural world, growing their own food, crafting their own livelihoods, and living more intentional, purposeful, and sustainable lives - both inside and outside the city. 

My passion for this work is fueled by my desire to inspire people to work towards a better future for themselves, their community, and our planet. The people I’ve met through this project give me energy and hope for the future. They manifest good through their convictions and actions. I wish to share their wit and wisdom, amplify their voices, and promote their livelihoods. 

I continue to find and tell these stories because this project feeds, educates, humbles, and inspires me. The most gratifying part of Urban Exodus has been receiving emails from people all over the world who have been emboldened by reading/listening to these stories to make positive changes in their own lives. There is nothing more motivating than knowing you helped inspire someone to follow their dreams. 

Thank you for reading, listening and supporting this project. I couldn't do this without the community this project has built. I'm forever grateful to be able to do this uplifting and meaningful work. 

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