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A firefighter relocates to the country to build a regenerative farm in Western Oregon

Lieutenant firefighter and farmer in Western Oregon

I’m excited to invite you to my conversation with David Barron. David is a true renaissance man, juggling a busy and fulfilling life as a firefighter, farmer, parent, and community leader in Western Oregon. David grew up in Arkansas, and moved to Oregon as a teenager. He and his family grow vegetables, raise animals, keep bees, and make and sell bath and body products on their farmstead. He practices and advocates for regenerative agriculture, using a curricular approach to tending his crops and animals, and keeping healthy bees.

In addition to his heroic work as a structure firefighter in one of the most fire-prone parts of the country, David works as a leader with the youth organization Word is Bond. The group seeks to heal and reconstruct the narrative between young black men and law enforcement through leadership development, thoughtful dialogue, and civic action. His family also hosts an agriculture camp on his farm every year.

Word is Bond firefighting workshop

I am inspired by the fact that all of David’s work is in direct benefit to his community whether it be putting out fires, providing nourishment, volunteering with youth, or hosting country curious urbanites on his farm as a part of his Urban Outreach program.

You can tell through his words and his actions how much he really cares and is optimistic about making the world a better place. It is all too easy to feel bogged down by all the world’s problems, and while it is necessary to call out our society’s wrongs, David’s perspective is so refreshing and a great reminder of all the things we can do to manifest change on a local level.

No matter how big or small, we shouldn’t discount the actions we can take to make our families, loved ones, and communities stronger. David is an inspiring person for so many reasons, but his positivity and love for his work and community is what makes him so wonderful to listen to. I hope you enjoy!

David leads a firefighting workshop for Word is Bond

Thank you David for sharing your story with us!


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