Letter writing campaign for Matthew Ross of @Blackhavenranch December 14th sentencing

URBAN EXODUS community, I need your help.

Matthew Ross of @Blackhavenranch is facing three felony counts for alleged online Facebook threats. He could be sentenced to up to fifteen years in prison.

This is a perfect example of the persistent gross inequality in our current criminal justice system. Please join me in writing a letter to his judge before sentencing on December 14th.

At the bottom of this blog post is my letter so you can easily cut, paste and add your own sentiments. If you haven’t listened to Matthew’s interview in season two, I recommend do. The episode really speaks to his character and his beautiful vision for the future.

Please write a letter. It will take 15 minutes and that 15 minutes could mean 15 years of time he will get to watch his five children grow into young adults.

Be. The. Change. I’m counting on you.

Email your letter to Matthew’s attorney before his sentencing on December 15th, 2021


Dear Chief Justice Pallmeyer,

My name is Alissa Hessler and I am writing today to plead leniency in the sentencing of Matthew Ross on December 14th.