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A professional adventurer realizes his vision of a community homestead in Northern Maine

Homesteader & Professional Adventurer in Ludlow, Maine

I’m excited to invite you to my conversation with Daniel White - a modern day trailblazer and professional outdoorsman. Daniel grew up in the city, but deep down always had a desire to live closer to the natural world.

Bored in high school, Daniel opted to drop out and get his GED at age 16. In his mid 20s he took a job as an electrician and spent over half a decade working 60 plus hour work weeks. At 31, after a few years on the job, Daniel boarded his first airplane and got the travel bug. He began spending all of his vacation days and weekends getting out and seeing the world.

Kaya and Daniel sitting next to the footing of his future home

Eventually he decided to quit his job, cash out his 401k and savings, and hike the Appalachian trail. Daniel's first time sleeping in a tent was on the trail. Daniel began documenting his experience online for his friends and family, and started to amass a community of supporters who encouraged and helped him stay the course and hike all the way from Georgia to Maine. After that transformative 190 day journey, Daniel continued his adventures, biking the 2,000 mile underground railroad trail, hiking Scotland and Spain from coast-to-coast, and most recently, the island nation Dominica.

Originally, Daniel didn’t think he would walk the whole trail. He thought he would just keep going until money ran out. However, he decided to document his experience online, and in very little time, he amassed a number of supporters that were able to keep him and his adventures going until he finished the entire trail. After that transformative 190 day journey, Daniel continued his adventures, biking the 2,000 mile underground railroad trail, hiking Scotland and Spain from coast to coast, and most recently the island nation Dominica.

His perhaps biggest adventure and challenge to date is realizing the dream he and his late father shared. Through contributions from his online community, Daniel was able to purchase 10 acres of land in northern Maine. He is working on his vision of a community homestead of tiny houses for like-minded folks who wish to enjoy a lifestyle outside of the confines of the city.

Urban Exodus was the first visitor at Zion North in August of 2021. The day before I arrived Daniel had just finished hand digging and pouring the footings for his tiny home. He had also just brought home his puppy Kaya. Even in the summer, Daniel felt the ticking clock to finish his house before the frigid winter weather arrived.

I returned to Zion North in late October of 2021 to record our podcast interview and it was absolutely incredible to see Daniel's progress in two short months. Daniel had nearly completed his tiny home, all on his own. He was just waiting for his front door to arrive and some finishing pieces to hook up his wood stove. Daniel's mother had traveled from North Carolina that week to visit her son, see his progress and deliver Daniel's beloved Boston Terrier Eddie Murphy. Daniel's puppy Kaya, at least double her size now, was getting accustomed to her new puppy sibling. (If you hear some noise in the background of our podcast interview that's the pups playing and competing for our attention).

I love the vision Daniel has for the future and his lack of pretense for his monumental achievements thus far. Daniel is a person of action, a person who has realized that the people that succeed the most, often also fail the most and then are able to brush themselves off and try again. I think so many of us have these little voices in our heads that tell us we can’t do this or can’t do that, but I hope listening to Daniel’s wisdom and story helps inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and work towards whatever you want to manifest or change in your own life.

Fear of the unknown and fear of being uncomfortable is a powerful deterrent on a path to greater happiness and self-reliance. Daniel has had the courage to take control of his destiny and work towards his own vision of a life well lived. That hasn’t been the easy route in any regard, but it is one that he is committed to and I know he will be successful in. Daniel's story is one of tenacity, self-reliance, courage, and the endless pursuit of adventure.

I encourage you to follow Daniel’s journey and consider contributing to the build out Zion North.

Thank you Daniel for sharing your story with us.



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