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Fungi Future: A Boston couple’s Covid leap of faith leads to mushroom farming in rural Vermont

Slip Stream Farm
Boston, MA to Newfane, VT

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I’m excited to invite you to my conversation with mushroom farmers Jon and Lizzie Deloge of Slipstream Farm in Newfane, Vermont. At Slipstream they grow gourmet mushrooms and make medicinal tinctures.

When Lizzie’s job became remote in the early days of the pandemic, Lizzie and Jon took it as the push to pursue their dream of becoming full time farmers. They packed up their lives in Boston and found their way to Vermont.

Lizzie and John met in Boston at an NA meeting, and have found time on the farm and in nature has helped them tremendously in their recovery. Growing mushrooms has put them in touch with the magic of the mycelial process, which is integral in both human and ecosystem health. Shortly after getting their mushroom business off the ground, the couple welcomed their son Leo into the world. Running a farm and parenthood hasn't been easy, but Leo is along for the ride and they are grateful to be able to raise their son immersed in nature.

I’m grateful to Jon and Lizzie for sharing their story with depth and candor. We speak about the reality of running a business, making money without feeling like money owns you, marketing yourself as a small business, addiction recovery, and the truth behind the saying that “wherever you go, there you are.”

This is a story about personal reinvention through recovery, learning through doing, and the healing powers of mushrooms.



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