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Organizations Working Towards Equality, Opportunity and Land Access in Agriculture

In episode three of the Urban Exodus Podcast, we had a conversation with farmer Stephen Carter.

In Stephen's episode we spoke about the systemic barriers in place that are preventing more diversity and land ownership in agriculture.

We have compiled a list of five organizations working to help even the playing field in agriculture and help BIPOC farmers gain access to land, build community, and provide grants to start farms. We have also included a list of farmers who are currently running crowd funding campaigns to buy land, build community farms and make improvements to their farm businesses. Please consider donating your time, money and skills to help support these efforts.

You can listen to Stephen's episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Stitcher. See our full line-up of Season 1 episodes on our podcast page.

Black Farmer Fund A community investment fund for growers of color in New York state

Soul Fire Farm Training and resources for black and indigenous farmers

Native Food Alliance A non profit that brings urban, rural, and tribal communities together to help enhance native foods systems, food sovereignty, and keep traditional food knowledge and power in the hands of indigenous communities

Black Urban Growers Community building for urban and rural black farmers - hosts events and national networking conferences to build spaces for connection, support, and help for black farmers.

Native American Agricultural Fund The largest US philanthropic effort for native farmers and ranchers


Soulgardener - Katrina Go Fund Me

Starting the first Black-owned plant nursery in her community. Currently there is no way for residents to buy fresh fruits and vegetables without having to leave and go support another community that doesn't give back to it.

Kiley Clark - Fresh to Farming Go Fund Me

We featured Kiley back in 2018 on a farm she worked on in Healdsburg. She is currently in the final stages of her crowdfunding campaign to build a Black-led, regenerative farm.

Raised Roots Farm Needs Equipment - Jamil Burns Go Fund Me

Raised Roots is a multifaceted Black-owned farm operation in Oakland and Livermore. Currently we farm exclusively by hand, with the occasional help from a small walk-behind tractor. This capital campaign is to buy a tractor and other farm equipment to reduce labor and increase productivity.

Happiness Family Farm - Portland, Oregon Go Fund Me

The Ngabireyimana family immigrated to the United States from Tanzania. They support themselves by growing fruits and vegetables year-round on Suavie Island. This fundraiser is to help buy the family a tractor so they can more efficiently tend their crops and grow food for more people.

40 Acres Project - Adrian Lipscombe Go Fund Me

Purchase of land to guarantee farm to table resources for the food industry in Wisconsin to serve to provide an outlet for Black foodways; and establish a safe haven to secure the legacy of Black foodways.

Blackhaven Ranch - Matthew Ross Go Fund Me

Alternative for urban oppression. Blackhaven Ranch aims to be a safe haven for urban dwellers to learn self-sufficiency skills and explore the natural world.

Off Grid in Color - Chantel Johnson Go Fund Me

Building a Black-owner homestead sanctuary of health and wellness. It's mission is to lead others to greater self-sufficiency through farm raised food, birth coaching, and community outreach.

The Black Yard Farm Cooperative Go Fund Me

The Black Yard Farm Cooperative was created by 5 young Black and Latinx farmers/entrepreneurs in the Bronx working together to build a supportive community for Black farmers and creatives. It's no coincidence that the people in this country who are most affected by food insecurity have the least access and control of the production of our food. The Black Yard Farm Cooperative is dedicated to disrupting the racist and exclusionary spaces that prevent Black farmers from connecting to the land and healing.

Emanuel Hayden - Melanated Farmacy Go Fund Me

Fundraising to plant permanent roots on a parcel of land to build a farm and homestead in North Carolina. Emanuel is at the tail end of a 4-year lease purchase agreement and have explored the traditional routes of purchasing without success. Emanuel plans to connect with his community by providing food, camping experiences, farm tours, workshops, handyman services and special events.


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